Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What to bring with you when buying a used vehicle.

If you spend much time around an owner of a quality used vehicle, they will likely share the many benefits of buying used versus new, such as the lower buying price, great values on extended warranties, and the joys of interacting with dealers like us! Whether you're planning to buy your first used vehicle, or your fifth, here are some things to make sure to bring with you.

  1. Time - Depending on how much pre-shopping you may have done online, you may need anywhere from an hour to an afternoon to choose your vehicle, set up financing, and sign paperwork. To ensure the most pleasant, unhurried experience possible, please allow ample time.
  2. People - If you and your spouse, parent, child, or someone else plan to cosign for the vehicle, both parties must be present to sign all applicable paperwork, and to make sure the vehicle is a good fit for everyone. Also, if you're not trading your current vehicle, someone will need to drive it home, while you drive the new one!
  3. Documents - The sale of any vehicle in the United States requires a copy of a valid driver's license, and most lenders will require proof of insurance. Some lenders also require proof of residency, proof of income, references, or a second form of identification (such as a credit card). If you are trading in a vehicle that is paid off, you would need to bring the title (signed by all owners). If you still owe on the vehicle, you would need to bring information about the lien holder.
 If you shop with these things in hand, you're well on your way to a pleasant buying experience. But don't worry if this list isn't always handy--Breck and our staff will be more than happy to inform you about what will be necessary for your purchase.

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